253 free display and packaging templates - wow! It's like a little spatial wonderland.

Todo para Packaging: Ideas y Moldes

253 free display and packaging templates. Amazing custom DIY package almost anything!

Hyperboloids from skewers

Skewer hyperboloid By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics Thirty two shish kabob skewers and 176 small rubber bands are all it takes to make a beauti

Like this one.

Loving the math mob ideas - great for teaching tangent lines & Diagonals.

Giant soma cube

Giant Soma Puzzle – National Museum of Mathematics

5-12-13 and 3-4-5 triangles

Math-play with your food By George Hart for the Museum of Mathematics Making things with your food is an age-old pastime.

Finite iterations

A math books store at a unique math study site. Shopping at the store helps maintain the site. [See quotation and book suggestions.

Cannot wait!

National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) Math Encounters: The Cosmic Distance Ladder with Renowned Mathematician Terry Tao Wednesday, August 2013 pm and pm Look below for a map detail.