A pom-pom path! This could be justthe thing our boring beige upstairs hallway needs :)

tabla de pruebas guardar como ❥Teresa Restegui ❥

i know its in spanish but its a good chart to know and it can always be translated

turtleneck vest

-sweater vest with big cowl neck and big armholes -super plushy soft wool alpaca. very warm, incredibly soft. -one size, loose fit, will accomodate many figures types FYI- I've only managed to get a few Miners Vests made for this season. This style


Cartera em Crochê Colorida com Franjas - / Cartera up Crochet Hooks Colorful with Fringes -

Ravelry: The Big Chill cardigan pattern by Simone Francis maybe someday.

The Big Chill cardigan pattern by Simone Francis

Tutorial de Bolso. Trapillo y cuero.

Bolso de trapillo con cuero un tutorial para ir a la moda ¡no te lo pierdas!

Tutorial DIY para hacer un bolso de trapillo

Un bolso de trapillo con un toque especial