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DIY Solar Pool Heater - Rob A's (Im)personal Blog.

Solar clothes dryer kit

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Heinz Isler: A few important things | BUILD Blog

BUILD brushes up on the work on Heinz Isler and how his work integrates efficient and sustainable design.


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Now electricity really could grow on trees! Scientists unveil prototype 'wind tree' that uses turbines hidden inside plastic leaves to create power

'The idea came to me in a square where I saw the leaves tremble when there was not a breath of air,' said Jérôme Michaud-Larivière, the founder of the start-up which will market the Wind Tree.

These Beautiful Solar Orbs Are So Efficient They Even Harvest Moonlight

Photovoltaic panels aren't the most glamorous technology: They're usually tucked away on a roof, and when you can see them, they're ugly. And inefficient. But what if they made architecture more beautiful? And what if they were more efficient, working even at night? Say hi to Rawlemon, a solar ball lens that is quickly making its way to market.

Soluxio solar-powered public lighting

The Soluxio solar lighting range offers modular, autonomous, off-grid and smart city-ready sun-powered systems.The Soluxio is sustainable, reliable and built to last.

wNw Bar / VTN Architects

Completed in 2008 in . Images by Phan Quang. The Nw bar is located in an artificial lake next to the wNw café. To create a contrasting space to the cafe, the bar is designed as an enclosed space...

L’Atelier Paysan

Formations autoconstruction d'outils de travail agricole. Plateforme web du matériel libre et de l'autoconstruction en agriculture.

Plans for phytoplankton culturing

Thought I'd share a link to a phytoplankton culturing setup. The start up cost isn't that much, and I will be able to harvest more than en...

CBD Oil From Algae. A Potential New Process For The Production Of Pharma Grade Cannabinoids.

The demand for cannabinoid-based medications is currently experiencing exponential growth. In Canada where medical cannabis was recently legalised, it has been reported that approximately 50% of medical cannabis dispensaries were experiencing stock shortages. In the UK, CBD oil and CBD products are flying off the shelves with many suppliers unable to replenish stock quickly enough.…

Design of Closed Photobioreactors for Algal Cultivation

Apart from their indispensable role as solar-driven oxygen factories, microalgae act as powerful microbial cell factories for production of various intra- or extracellular bio-products like proteins,...

Wind-Powered Device Can Produce 11 Gallons Per Day of Clean Drinking Water From the Air

WaterSeer is a low-tech, low-cost atmospheric water condenser that could help create water self-sufficiency in communities around the world.

An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles

An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles: In this instructable, we describe how to build a photo-bioreactor that uses algae to convert carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy. The energy that is produced is in the form of algae biomass. The photo-bioreactor is built from plastic recycled …

Warka Water tower that pulls drinking water from thin air wins World Design Impact Prize

The Warka Water project recently won the prestigious World Design Impact Prize at a World Design Capital gala in Taipei.

Harvesting Water From Thin Air

A new generation of environmental designers are working to grab water out of thin air.