Yerba Mate Bombillias by serenadominguez

serenadominguez: I finally finished the mate poster I’ve been working on!

To solve all world conflict: sit down and have a cup of tea together.

“Where there’s tea there’s hope.” Arthur W.

Yerba mate in an orange rind?! Genius!

Yerba mate in an orange rind

this tea is perfect for whenever mental alertness and energy are needed and fantastic for exams or looming deadlines , these a just some benefits of this tea Yerba Mate. if your interesting in other benefits just look at the website

How to Drink: Mate - Argentina’s national drink, mate (pronounced mah-tay), has “the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate”.

Bomba de Chimarrão e Tereré

Organic Yerba mate tea has many health benefits.

Tá na hora! #mate #ervamate #chimas #chimarrão

Tá na hora! #mate #ervamate #chimas #chimarrão

What are Yerba Mate Gourd? #mate #yerbamate #tea #healthy

Mate tea served in traditional gourd cups in Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Brazil and Paraguay