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three awards are placed next to each other on a white background with black and gold trim
hockey canada trophies — andrew watson design
This project was a commission from Hockey Canada. We were requested to design a hall of fame award for their new inductees. The idea behind the design was to use the shape of 4 hockey stick handles and create the award around that size. The four sticks can be seen through the maple leaf relief cut, designed as a "peekaboo" detail. The wood was then affixed in-between two water jet cut aluminum panels. A modern design that is simple and elegant.
two wooden and metal speakers sitting side by side on a black surface, with one speaker facing the other
Bespoke Awards & Custom Trophies | Hand-crafted in Australia
Google Impact Challenge Awards Trophies | Made from salvaged sustainable Australian timber
an advertisement for the 2013 best design award
Trophy Design
Trophy Design
a sculpture made out of wood and metal on a white background with no one in it
somehow sculpt SC in an interlocking 3D way
three metal sculptures sitting on top of a white table next to each other in front of a wall
Innovative Trophy Design | Competition
If the icons are line icons...but with wood base or copper base
two wooden awards with white and black designs on the front, one is made out of wood
abstract sculpture of palmetto tree trunk texture?
five wooden awards are lined up on top of each other
abstract art awards eco premium — watson design
'herschel awards - 100 year old recovered wood' In love with this man's awards
three wooden clocks with different shapes and sizes on them, one is black the other is white
WOOD Archives - Artempo
Tailor-made wooden trophies Authentic, environmental and timeless material, the wood becomes, in a modern context, an element delivering on “sustainability’s challenges”. Wood can be engraved, sculpted, polished, inlayed with molten glass and mosaic or combined with metal and crystal pending on the artist’s creativity. It is a living material which will evolve all along the years. Wood can be burnt, whitened or kept in its natural state. Wood is used in total respect of the rules: every used ...
three wooden awards are lined up against each other on a white background, with the words sponsor me dalmagice 2012 written on them
Sportsko ime Dalmacije - Trophy Design
Trophy design on Behance
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four different types of logos on a black background
upper right—interlocking SC for sculpture
several different types of wooden and metal objects
vse custom years of service san jose — andrew watson design
We custom designed and handcrafted these long service awards for our client at VSE in San Jose, USA. We collaborated with our client on the design which was an honour and a great experience for all involved. The outcome was a truly unique design that will be appreciated for many years to come.
two wooden cell phones sitting on top of a table with the word guts carved into them
GUTS: Trophy
GUTS: Trophy (design by Matt Stevens & Barry Becker)
three different views of an object made out of wood
an acrylic glass trophy with the state of maine on it's map
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "plexi"
a black bookend with the words, i am not sure if it is in front of
a gold statue of a man walking with a hat on
MakerBot Designs & 3D Prints the Johnnie Walker 'Keep Walking' Trophy for Tonight's TechCrunch Disrupt - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
MakerBot 3D Prints the Johnnie Walker ‘Keep Walking’ Trophy for Tonight’s TechCrunch Disrupt
four wooden blocks with different colored handles
Facebook Awards
Facebook Studio Awards... neat award design.
a gold trophy with a blue base on a white surface, in the shape of a carrot
3D Award - D3D018 | Glasso Group Producer of Statuettes
a wooden stand with a white sculpture on it
Super embossed 3D logo. We could add burning to the wood as well.
a black metal letter sitting on top of a wooden table
three silver trophies with designs on them in the shape of an hour clock and cross
WIP - FWA award trophy