Vietnam War Photos

Vietnam war photographs
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North Vietnamese troops entered the Citadel in Hue during Tet 1968
Northern Vietnam in 1967 Machine gun rehearsal taken by American journalist Lee Lockwood.
vintage everyday: Vietnam War 40 Years Ago: 75 Beathtaking Color Photos of the Fall of Saigon in April, 1975

Vietcong, North Vietnam soldiers

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Larry Burrows, Βρετανός (1926–1971). Επιχείρηση Prairie, Vietnam, 1966

Faces of Vietnam war

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two men with helmets on their heads and one is looking at the camera while another man stands behind them
'American Soldier' Photos Expose The Many Faces Of Modern War
Larry Burrows, Βρετανός (1926–1971). Επιχείρηση Prairie, Vietnam, 1966
two men are riding on top of a tank with a flag in the foreground
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Missing Men Gallery — Tet 1968
Post | Vietnam War Era
Post | Vietnam War Era
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Lt. Gen. Harold Moore, Whose Vietnam Heroism Was Depicted in Film, Dies at 94 (Published 2017)
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