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25 delicious desserts that are easy to make
Dr. Pepper Recipes
There's a reason why Dr. Pepper is so popular and these 25 Dr. Pepper Recipes are here to show you just how versatile your favorite soda can be!
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Papa's Dr. Pepper Cake - BIGPITTSTOP
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2 ingredient cake mixes
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Coca Cola Cake
*NEW* Our Coca Cola Cake has been a Southern tradition for generations. A sweet, fudgy, crazy moist cake with a thick fudgy icing. Quick and easy to put together! #cocacola #southerncake
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Root Beer Float Cake - Vanilla and Chocolate Marbled Cake
This Root Beer Float Cake is a vanilla and chocolate marbled cake with a layer of chocolate cream and a root beer whipped cream topping!
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Chocolate Cherry Coke Cake Recipe
This easy chocolate cherry coke cake recipe is made with coca cola, cake mix, and maraschino cherries. You will love how moist this cake is.
a cake with white frosting and a cherry on top
Make a Mini Shirley Temple Cake with Easy 7UP Cake Recipe!
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Super Easy Soda Pop Cake - Grandma Ideas
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Our Soda and Cake Mix Baking Guide
the best cocoa - cola cake is cut in half
The BEST Coca-Cola Cake
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12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop
12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop
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2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Texas Coke Cake — Brooke Lark
2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Texas Coke Cake — my favorite Texas Sheet cake, made in a crockpot. With Coca Cola. (Or, if you're like my Grandpa Brown, you'll want Tab or Dr. Pepper in yours.) Pick a soda, any soda. Mix it together with a chocolate cake mix. And pop it in the slow cooker for 2 1/2 hours, then frost (if desired) with an easy-to-stir together icing. #chocolate #cake #slowcookercake #texassheetcake #desserts
a woman is spreading icing on a cake with cranberries and powdered sugar
Easy desserts with soda | dessert, carrot cake, cake, cobbler, Rick Lax | Easy desserts with soda Girl makes a berry cobbler and carrot cake with soda. This original video was produced by Rick Lax, LLC, and Justine Lueder | By Life with Coco | Got my frozen blueberries. Frozen raspberries. Right on top. I'm using a whole bags of each of these and I just use the frozen over fresh because it just creates these yummy juices and we pop it in the oven. And then I have some whole strawberries frozen. Just really get that spread out all over your nine by 13 pan. Just going to spread that. Get those blueberries and raspberries everywhere. Okay, this is looking so delicious. I'm going to go ahead and grab my butter golden cake mix and this is going directly on top of the berries just as is. Okay. Yeah. This is going to be so delicious. This is my favorite easy berry cobbler okay it's so easy you just get your frozen berries and some cake mix and then we have a special little ingredient we're going to add at the end that's going to make this so fun and so easy usually you would just put some butter on top of this but we're not doing that today oh okay look at it just frosted over all the berries yeah just make sure to get a good amount you don't need to use a whole box but about three fourths of it is going to be great just of our butter golden you can use yellow cake mix if you want but I just really wanted to try out this butter golden one I've never seen it before seven up zero sugar. This is going to make it a little bit healthier. And this is going to cook that cake mix that we just put on there. Wait, so instead of butter, you're using soda? Yep, I'm using seven up, zero sugar. And I'm going to use the whole can and just put it right on top. This is going to cook that cake mix, okay? Oh, look at that. Look at the bubble. Yeah, isn't that fun? Super fun. Okay. This is looking great. Alright. 25 minutes. Let's look at the bottom real quick. See all those blueberries. Isn't that look delicious? Looks great. Oh, this is bubbling so perfectly. Alright, let's go to that oven and pop this in. Ooh. Okay. Right in there. Perfectly. I can't believe the soda's going to actually go. Yup. Alright. So, I'm going to mix my AW root beer with my perfectly moist spice cake. Now, that rooker is just going to bring out that delicious spice cake flavors. You can use Doctor Pepper. You can use Coca Cola but I really love the combo of root beer with the spiced cake. Okay. And you can even use the zero sugar AW if you want it to be more perfect. Less sugar. Right there. So cool. Right. Just check out those layers. I'm going to go ahead and mix this up in the pan. Just like this. It actually smells so delicious. Right. All those spices just mixed together. So just deliciousness. Oh my god. I'm so excited for this. It's like a lumpier float but a cake. Yeah and the soda just has some ingredients in there that's just going to make the cake so fluffy and delicious. I just love my soda cakes. They're just so yummy, so easy, so much cheaper than buying eggs and vegetable oil. You just gotta one can of soda or in our my case two small cans of soda with one box of cake mix okay it's so fluffy right it's super fluffy it's just going to be really delicious inside when we when we cook it up it's going to be fluffy and delicious alright now I kind of want to make this a little bit healthy so I'm going to go ahead and add my shredded carrots so that we make it a carrot cake You can just put that right on top like that. Perfect. This is going to be such a delicious little carrot cake. Mmm I'm so excited for this. Look at it. It's like sinking in there. Yeah and you're just going to mix that carrot in there to make the perfect fresh, yummy cake. Ooh, okay. Ooh, look, I found some extra butter that it makes sense. It's great. Cuz this one just needs a little extra thyme but then it's going to be so worth it. Oh, right. Let's go ahead and pop this in the oven. It's going to be so yummy. Perfect. Bye bye. That was so fast too. I know. It's going to be done in a second. He's almost done. Let's come over here and make a little whip cream. So just get about a cup of heavy whipping cream. Ooh, it smells so good. I love heavy whipping cream. Sometimes, I just like to drink it. Okay, I actually did a cup and a half and then, I'm going to add a little bit of flavor, some vanilla extract. It's okay if you use the imitation because we are on a budget. Ooh, perfect. Okay? Great. Now, get your whisk and get your arm strength and go at it. Look at that. Look how nice that looks. That is perfect. Cobbler is ready. We'll have it in four. Oh my. Do you see that? Wow. That looks so good. Wow. I have never seen anything so juicy and so delicious. Alright. Sounds great. It's time to try this. Look at that crunch. Yeah. Whoa. That's cool. Alright. I didn't think it would cut all the way through but it did. Scoop it out. Get all the juices. Yummy. Get some extra blueberries on there. Nice. And then top it with our homemade whipped cream. Oh wow. That looks so good. So good. Alright, look at that. Looks good. Looks delicious. Alright, we got our frosting right here. Use this knife and just put up it right on there. Ooh, this is about to be so good. Remember, we use that root beer. I'm so excited. We are ready to cut into this baby. Are you ready? Yeah, cut right into it. I want to see it. Got me a slice too. It's going to fall apart but it's still going to be delicious. Look at that. Oh my goodness. Perfect. Taste like root beer? Yeah, root beer, cinnamon, and carrots. I guarantee it. We'll see. Whoa. That's the best thing I've ever eaten.
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All The Cakes You Can Make With Just A Box Of Cake Mix And A Bottle Of Soda
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Soda Cake
You’ll wonder why you never made this soda cake before when all you need is a box of cake mix, a can of soda pop, and an oven. We chose orange flavor for this fun recipe but you can use any kind of soda, whether you are in the mood for something sweet or tangy, so feel free to get creative.
two pieces of coca cola crock pot cake on a plate
Crockpot Coca Cola Cake
a cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles on top is shown
Easy 7UP Cupcakes
the best egg dr pepper cake with chocolate frosting and caramel sauce on top
Best Ever Dr. Pepper Cake - With Frosting
1h 0m
a close up of a piece of cake on a plate with the words root beer soda pop cake
Chocolate Root Beer Soda Cake - The Kitchen Magpie
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Root Beer Float Cake
This super easy 5 ingredient, Root Beer Float Cake is made with boxed vanilla cake mix and cold root beer soda.
Bake up this easy Coca-Cola Cake! There's no mixer required in this simple dessert. Everyone will love this moist chocolate cake that's spiked with Coke from the batter to the frosting! It's such a yummy cake recipe! Brunch, Kisses, Pies
Coca-Cola Cake
2h 5m
strawberry cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles are on a blue plate
2-Ingredient Strawberry Soda Cupcakes
a bundt cake with white icing on a plate
12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop
strawberry cream soda cake on a plate with two strawberries in the background and text overlay that reads, strawberry cream soda cake 2 ingredients
Strawberry Cream Soda Cake
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Project Pinterest: Orange Sherbet Cake
Orange Sherbet Cake - 3 ingredients: Cake mix + Soda Pop + Cool Whip = Moist delicious cake, fast and easy.
a close up of a cake in a pan on a table with a knife and fork
12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop
12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop - Parade
a piece of cake sitting on top of a glass plate next to a can of beer
Root Beer Float Cake
an orange cream cake sitting on top of a blue plate
2 Ingredient Orange Cream Soda Cake - Easy & Delicious!
Discover the delightful taste of Orange Cream Soda Cake with just 2 ingredients: cake mix and orange soda. Perfect for any occasion!
the cherry dr pepper cake recipe is shown
Cherry Dr Pepper Cake - Moist Chocolate Cake with Cherry Buttercream Frosting.
I adore this Cherry Dr Pepper Cake. My favorite soda in the world is Dr. Pepper and when you put it together with chocolate I am all in. Take your favorite boxed chocolate cake mix and add in the rest for this delicious recipe.
an orange soda cake on a plate with the words 5 ingredients
Orange Soda Cake Recipe!
cherry dr pepper cake in a pan with the words cherry dr pepper cake on it
Cherry Dr. Pepper Cake
Delight in the sweet and unique flavors of Cherry Dr. Pepper Cake. A moist cake infused with the soda's sweetness, it's a dessert that's sure to impress. #CherryDrPepper #SodaCake #SweetIndulgence
an orange soda cake with white frosting and orange candies on top is being cut by a knife
Orange Soda Cake Recipe
If you are looking for an easy and delicious cake recipe then you are going to love this Orange soda cake, also sometimes referred to as an orange crush soda cake. Made with a box of cake mix and orange soda this soda cake is a family favorite. This soda cake recipe is made with 2 simple ingredients including a can of soda and boxed cake mix.
an orange soda cake recipe on a plate with the title overlay reads orange soda cake recipe
Soda Cake
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Our Soda and Cake Mix Baking Guide
20 of the best soda recipes for sweet and savory drinks, desserts, and more
20 Delicious And Easy Soda Recipes
strawberry soda cake with white frosting and fresh strawberries on top, ready to be eaten
Strawberry Soda Cake (2 Ingredients)
double chocolate coca cola cake on a plate
Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake
Satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings with a slice of the Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake. Moist, decadent, and with a unique soda pop twist, it's a conversation-starter that begs for a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
various cakes made with soda pop are featured in this collage, including chocolate cake and ice cream
12 Luscious Cakes Made with Soda Pop
two ingredient soda cupcakes with frosting on top
2-Ingredient Soda Cupcakes Recipe - By Kelsey Smith
These easy 2-ingredient soda cupcakes are made with cake mix and soda for a light and fluffy texture. Try diet soda for a low-calorie treat. If you're craving a sweet treat but are short on time (and ingredients), you can whip up moist cupcakes in no time. Simply combine the boxed cake mix and the can of soda of your choice in a large bowl with a whisk for your batter (pictured is Strawberry 7UP Cupcakes with strawberry cake mix and diet 7UP).
cake and soda combos Soda Cookie Recipe
7 Of The Best Cake Mix and Soda Recipes
cake mix and soda recipe for making cakes
2 Ingredient Soda Cake
an image of canned foods labeled in different flavors and flavors for each type of food
Soda Can Cake Recipe