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Seeing Splendy cry is like seeing someone run over a basket of kittens- *hands Splendy a handful of balloons* Let's go play over there, away from these guys, okay? :)

Okay, I know Splendy[Spledorman], Trendy[Trenderman], Offendy[Offenderman], and Slendy[Splenderman].

Creepypasta Collage May 2017 by on @DeviantArt

oops I skipped April xD My new fav thing to do is redrawing popular Supernatural scenes to pasta lmao, those are really lazy drawn tho. Creepypasta Collage May 2017

S.R [saved sketches 02] by EinnhardeR

old version: Thanks for the comments, are motivating to continue uploading content like this. next page: prev page: S.R [saved sketches

Splendorman, Slenderman, funny, young, childhood, different ages, time lapse, balloons, text, comic, love; Creepypasta

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Sonic Project by on @DeviantArt

My entry of panafal project It& my first time join in someone project .this looks so fun to do and I like sonic so. Sonic project (closed) Deadline The project is closed n.