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512 × 895

SEASHELL ENCRUSTED CHRISTMAS TREE - Sep 12, 2019 | Thomaston Place Auction Galleries in ME

512 × 895

... Mitzi Gaynor flaunts her tree!

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Christmas in Cleveland

As always, I am a bit belated in getting up my homage to Cleveland’s Christmas past. This season was such a blur this year. And with the crazy publicity that Lost Cleveland received during th…


palmandlaser: “From The Los Angeles Times Book of Christmas Entertaining (1985) ”

'A COCKTAIL FOR SANTA' by Robert Tolone (1981)

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1900s HUGE CHRISTMAS Tree Glass Photo Neg SURREAL Toy Rifle Ornament Toys Child

Periodicult 1980-1989

Max Factor, Seventeen magazine, November 1983.

Pirelli Calendar 1973 is expired

Pirelli Calendar 1973 by Brian Duffy. Location: London. Models: Elizabeth, Kubi, Vida, Nicky Allen, Kari Ann,Erica Creer, Kate Howard, Nicki Howorth, Jane Lumb, Sue Paul, Penny Steele, Vicky Wilks. (Photos are retouched by airbrush)

Lipstick & Curls Vintage, Classic & Alternative Hair and Makeup Styling

Lipstick and Curls provide vintage, classic and alternative hair and makeup styling for parties, corporate events, workshops, hen nights, weddings, photo shoots and private appointments.

Strange Holiday Costume, Christmas Movie Montage and a Fun Surprise

Ollie the cat, snoozing on the desk next to the laptop yesterday morning, woke suddenly – and grumpy about it, too - when I burst into laughter at this image that arrived in an email message: Clearly a Christmas tree...

Respect is one of life's greatest treasures

This blog is dedicated to an amazing actress whose photographs and films have inspired generations.

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