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the reading skill for free passagess is shown in this image with text and pictures
Free Reading Comprehension Skills Passages for Upper Elementary
Grow your students with these free engaging Reading Passages for upper elementary students. These are quick reading passages with written responses. Your students will have so much reading these skill based passages while showing their comprehension skills. Main Ideas Passages, Theme Passages, Predictions Passages, Context Clues Passages, and Character Traits Passages. Grab your free set today perfect for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.
This step-by-step reading comprehension skills bundle has original and engaging ideas that resonate with students, so they can form a deeper understanding of each reading skill. All of the units are designed with visuals, activities, practice, and graphic organizers to use with any story. There are also differentiated passages to meet the needs of all students, so they can apply the skill on their level. Each unit uses explicit teaching and is broken down using a scaffolding process!