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there are several images of different items in the light and shadows on the wall, including an object that looks like a bat
Toilet paper roll shadow puppets
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Messy Sensory Art with Homemade Gel Paint - #Art #Gel #Homemade #messy #Paint #S...
an outdoor play area made out of colored plastic blocks and tarp, with a child's slide in the background
there are many different pictures that have been made to look like children's playrooms
ideas para niños para jugar con la luz
DIY-Simple image projection
a young boy holding an umbrella in front of several lit up animals on the ground
several lit up umbrellas sitting next to each other in the dark with words written on them
TEATRES DE LA LLUM | Comitè Escèniques
there are many plates and bowls on the table with neon lights around them in the dark
Teatre de la llum