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Scalloped Buttonholed Chain Stitch Tutorial - by needle 'n thread

Stitch Fun! Scalloped Buttonholed Chain Stitch!

chain stitch embellished with buttonhole stitches to create tiny scallops. Perfect for baby dresses and doll clothing.

lots of tutorials on embroidery / different stitches

Split Stitch can also be used to outline a shape before satin stitching. It maintains a sharper line. it's also called the Kensington outline stitch.

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In hand embroidery tutorial for beginners, how to design and stich mirror work embroidery designs,embroidery stitches tutorial easly to learn and basic hand

Home Sweet Home 20 cm embroidery hoop by KEDISHOP on Etsy

This embroidery work comes framed by wooden embroidery hoop in 20 cm diameter. Cotton threads on linen fabric. We can customise: - Colours - Quote - Name - Fonts Ask me for any further information.