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a poster for an art show with pencils sticking out of the head
Aram Huerta :: Retroavangarda
Aram Huerta, Construccion Grafica
a cartoon character flying through the air with an alien hovering over his head and text you're my chosen one
three different types of art work on white paper with black and yellow lines in the middle
Par les couleurs qui entourent les personnes et leurs actions; mouvement, dynamisme et contraste.
a painting of a woman holding her hands up to her face with flowers in the background
Fatchurofi finds mindfulness influences his illustrations
a painting of a person sitting on the ground with their head in his hands and eyes open
an image of a man jumping in the air with his legs spread out and feet crossed
Instagram Pride | BUCK
Instagram Pride | BUCK
the collage has many different colors and shapes on it, including an image of a man
"LGBT+ is for..."