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a pine cone sitting on top of a wooden table next to a small white object
two pieces of clay sitting on top of a bed next to some driftwood sticks
a person is making a vase out of clay and some hands are holding the base
David Johnson Ceramics | In this reel I’m making an extruded vase. This is a new design that I came up with late last year and was pleased with the outcome. I’m… | Instagram
a woman is working on an art project in her studio, with tools and materials
Shawna Pincus on Instagram: "Part 2! Plus a couple of examples of finished wall platters at the end. After I cut the shape I use a bit of thin plastic and my fingers to round and compress the edges. The platter is flipped and formed over the original #grpotteryforms I used to make the template. I use a red rubber rib to smooth and compress the bottom. Little lug feet are added as well as a wire that will act as a hanging hook on the finished piece. I use cut up pool noodles as supports during the drying process to prevent the clay from sagging with gravity. Once this platter is set to leather hard I’ll go back and clean up the edges more and refine any spots that need it. Then off to the kiln and decoration! I added a couple of examples of finished platters at the end of the
Some Pottery Inspirations by @laurinsceramics | Pottery Idea Inspo
a paper cut out of the shape of a half - circle and half - circle
a person is making something out of clay on a wooden board with one hand and the other
a person is holding a bowl with a lemon in it while another hand holds the bowl
Handbuilt Oversize Mug