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Каждый день выходят новые опросы, картинки, переводы, фразы и другое полезное для изучения. Нажимайте на картинку 👆


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"✏️ Are you feeling lost with STORY STRUCTURE and with PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL? This digital plot planner and the guide for using story structure solve your novel-planning problems.  ✏️ You can access this plot planner anywhere as long as you have a Google account (Gmail). That way you can easily work on your story wherever you are on any device. ✏️ In this sheet, you briefly describe each plot event and you'll be able to see your whole story on one page. The instructions help you discover those plo

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100+ vintage baby girl name ideas with meanings. Find the perfect classic vintage girl name with our list of 100 gorgeous old fashioned girls names. Click through for the full list.
Searching for modern baby names for your little one? From uncommon grandpa names to strong, classic boy names, this list of vintage boy names is chock full of the best old fashioned baby names for boys. These super cool old classic boy names are *back in* and if you're searching for old timey name for boys, you can NOT miss this list!
Discover old money girl names for book characters. Find preppy, rich, vintage & fancy girl names with cute nicknames. Use these trendy, timeless names & cute nicknames for girls as writing inspiration & prompts for your female characters. Whether you need ideas for a book character or rp, these aesthetic simple female names & middle names will make your writing come alive. Let these pretty, royal, strong, white girl names ignite your creativity for your next writing project!

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Creating compelling writing tips content can be a creative journey. Ensuring your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are spot on is crucial in the editing and proofreading stages. Understanding the writing process and overcoming writer's block is vital for inspiration. Developing characters, structuring plots, and mastering storytelling techniques, point of view, and dialogue are essential for captivating narratives. Building conflict within a well-described setting requires careful revision.
34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand

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Looking for words to describe a person's character? Here are 10 you can use in your book.
If you don't want the picture colour, Please tell me the colour you want before or after you order. Thank you There are 3lace Options:  Free shipping via DHL 1. 4*4 lace frontal allows to part centre or side but cannot be flipped all back. The cap is suitable S/M/L because of adjustable features. Its a protective style that does not require any glue and any skills to out it on. Ideal for busy people. 2. Lace frontal allows for frontal bun, center part or side part and can also be flipped all bac

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These super easy ramen eggs have custardy, jammy to slightly runny yolks and are soaked in a sweet, savory, umami-rich soy sauce marinade, perfect for a topping on ramen, and more!

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Try these character development scene ideas for your story to write meaningful scenes that your readers will love. These scene writing prompts help you reveal your protagonist and antagonist and they help with plot development too! Find more novel plot ideas from our blog and follow Protagonist Crafts for writing tips and writing inspiration.
Take a Deep Dive into Plot and Scene and Improve Your Writing Whether you're planning your first novel or have already written a first draft, you...


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Good dialogue often goes unnoticed. When it’s crafted well, a story continues to flow forward, uninterrupted, as you learn more about the characters and the conflict at hand. Bad dialogue, on the other hand, is often jarring, boring or both. Dialogue is one the trickier skills in a writer’s tool belt, so check out these 5 tricks to master it! FREE checklist download included!
The goal of writing a fictional novel is to give your readers a unique, emotional experience. However, if there are too many clunky dialogue tag interruptions meant to identify which character is speaking, the reader may become frustrated and put the book down. In our post, How to Delete Dialogue Tags (He said / She said) in Fiction Writing, you will learn various methods to make the verbal exchanges in your writing smoother, stronger, and more engaging for the reader.

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How This Author Got 10,000+ Preorders As A First Time Self-Published Author | Book Marketing Tools Blog

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Are you looking for writing tips from famous authors? This post shares some writing advice from famous authors that will help you to become a better writer.

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Searching for advice on how to write a character arc? This post will help you to write a good character arc in 4 easy steps.
5 Tips for Writing A Likable "Righteous" Character

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1,000 awesome writing prompts.

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106 ways to describe sound.

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Do you struggle with plotting? A simple, easy-to-follow template for writing a fictional story is the W-Plot, perfect for both new writers and non-plotters. The W-Plot structure allows you freedom to create yet keeps your story on track all the way to that grand satisfying end.In our post, How to Write a Novel with the W-Plot Template, we break down each step to take the frustration out of plotting and give you tips to write a story readers will love.

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an advertisement for pixar's storytelling secrets, which features characters from toy story books
22 Storytelling Tips From Pixar
22 Storytelling Tips From Pixar |
the text is written in black and white
Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling
a woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of her and the words how to wrilea synsis of your novel
How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel
How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel
Image of old typewriter and title of pin, which is how to write a character arc in 4 easy steps. Writing Prompts, Writing Romance, Writing Characters, Writing Challenge
How to Write a Character Arc
Searching for advice on how to write a character arc? This post will help you to write a good character arc in 4 easy steps.
person sitting writing and text box how to become a prolific writer cheat code dissect habits of prolific writers Reading, Writers Write, Book Writing Tips, Online Entrepreneur, Writing Goals
How to Become a Prolific Writer
an open match box with matches in it and the text, the inciting event versus the key event how to set your story's plot in motion
The Inciting vs. the Key Event: The Story Structure Series Part Two - The Novel Smithy
the words must have self - pubbing checklist written in white on a purple background
Must Have Self-Publishing Checklist
the top ten tips for creating conflict
10 Things Every Writers Needs To Know About Conflict - Sacha Black
10 Tips for Creating Conflict - Writing tips #writingtips #improvewriting #fulltimewriter #beginnerwriter #writercareer
Pile of old books and title of pin, which is how to create conflict in your stories through 4 practical ways. Apps For Writers, Book Business, Writers Notebook, Book Writing, Writing Life, Story Writing, Creative Writing
How to Create Conflict in Your Stories
Image of ancient text and title of pin which is 6 ways to create conflict between characters that will add depth and drama to your story. Gadgets, English, Writing Plot
6 Ways to Create Conflict Between Characters
Want to create conflict between characters in your story? Here are 6 ways to create conflict between characters that will add depth and drama to your novel.
an image of the character captain america with text that reads 5 tips for writing a likeable righteous character
5 Tips for Writing a Likable "Righteous" Character
5 Tips for Writing A Likable "Righteous" Character
an open book with the words what your protagoniist needs to do when everything changes
Structuring your story the easy way ⋆ Protagonist Crafts
Structuring your story the easy way ⋆ Protagonist Crafts
an article with the title how to write the inciting incident in a story
How To Write The Inciting Incident In A Story
a black and white photo with the words 5 tricks how to hide your villain right before their eyes
5 Tricks How to Hide Your Villain Right Before Their Eyes
how to describe regret in a story Writing Prompts For Writers, Writing Prompts Funny, Regrets, Advice
How to Describe Regret in a Story