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a snow globe with the statue of liberty and new york in it's base
a black and white photo with the words new york on it
How David Byrne Misread the Creatives of Our Time
there is a large sign on the wall that says something's always happening here if you're bored in new york it's your own fault
Sparkle #181: Love and Longing for NYC - Pumpernickel Pixie
the new york is my favorite feeling poster with people crossing the street in front of tall buildings
an apple sticker is on the side of a pink truck with nyc written on it
a pink coffee mug with i love new york on it
i <3 ny mug
a taxi cab covered in snow on a city street
there is a neon sign that says it city of dreams nyc on the side of a fence
black and white photograph of many envelopes with the word work printed on them in multiple languages
a new york license plate with the words i love ny not you
two signs on a chain link fence that say new york never sleeps and one has been vandalized
aesthetic background