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Creating a 'Spirit Stick' is a creative healing process in the 28 Day Soul Coaching® Program where you weave your story on to a stick with beads, yarns and other items to heal, manifest, pray or use as a talking stick. The possibilities are endless, and the process so inspiring. www.KellyChamchuk.com

Kelly Chamchuk

40 Awesome Paper Mache Creatures Like Never Seen Before

Do you sometimes feel the need to get your hands in to some kind of project? We are sure that most of us feel the need to do this once in a while and it also.



15 amazing sculptures made from driftwood | Cottage Life

What better way to dress up your cottage than with a piece of art made from driftwood? There's nothing more rustic than wood that's been washed ashore by


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During the holidays its customary to give gifts to family and friends However Ive found it better to give experiences in

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Espace Bois flotté 2

Les bois flottés ont été choisis pour leur qualité, soigneusement sélectionnés, nettoyés, poncés et travaillés. Chaque composition est parfaitement stable, les bois flottés solidement assemblés et non collés. Des photophores de ma fabrication ont été intégrés aux compositions. Les écritures, images, sont réalisées à l'aide de tampons ou bien par transfert transparents.

Witchcrafts for the Sea Witch

Witchcrafts for the Sea WitchBecause there’s more than one way to stay connected to your craft. • Seashell Runes • Seashell Spoons • Sea Witch Bath Recipe • Seaglass Windchime • Shell Gardens • Shell...

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Tropical Vivarium DIY - Driftwood hardscaping

Welcome to the next installment of my 20 gallon high aquarium conversion to vertical front-door opening vivariums for crested geckos! Today I'm going to go over how I do the majority of my hardscaping, the part of landscaping that made of rock, wood, artifical materials etc. that provide climbing surfaces, outcrops, planting areas, and vertical space. I am a huge fan of driftwood as it is a great material, generally plentiful, and FREE. Not only that, but it is also looks great and…