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 Night - Depend on the Savior. Great Family Home Evening lesson!

Depend on the Savior, will you?

Fun Object Lesson (labeled LDS but could probably be used outside that denomination)

Fun LDS Object Lesson. Also on blog is 16 FHE lesson ideas

Steps of Repentance FHE Lesson. + more FHE lesson the correspond with each ch of gospel principles book - Primary - The Fall Fhe Lessons, Object Lessons, Lessons For Kids, Youth Lessons, Primary Lessons, School Lessons, Church Activities, Holiday Activities, Summer Activities

Steps of Repentance FHE

"Don't just pin it - try it out! Pinning with purpose is a blog full of tried and true pinned items, LDS, family, and holiday activities."

Who said it: Dieter or Dumbledore? fun game for FHE or LDS Youth

Who said it: Dieter or Dumbledore? - UtahValley360

They both have silvery hair, speak with foreign accents and are known for their wisdom.

Memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith awards. Articles of Faith Sundae- They get an ingredient for each article of faith they can pass off. Doing this in June, at the park

Articles of Faith Sundae

The Articles of Faith Challenge So when I came in as Primary President I wanted to encourage the kids to memor ize the 13 articles of fa...

First Communion photo with baptism dress baby blessing dress in the photo. Then come wedding time have a photo with blessing and first communion and baptism dress.

Captures Photography - Journal - sweet Amanda...

Sorry for the absence...Ive been in AZ taking some amazing pictures of some fabulous people:) .....

YourLifeUncommon: FHE OBJECT LESSON {Sharing the Burden} love this idea.I'm sure I can use a scripture from the Bible instead :)

FHE OBJECT LESSON {Sharing the Burden}

Easily one of my favorite object lessons! It is really such a great visual! I have used it with Young Women lessons, RS lessons and at home! SHARING THE BURDEN OBJECTIVE: Teach the kids how important it is to "share the load" and how the entire load is too much for just one person, but if we all pitch in to help it makes the burden easy to carry. This lesson is also a great way to teach the importance of recognizing our limits and that it is important to ask for help. Through the course of…

KugAlls: Sunday 'cans' with correct link. A list of fun things you CAN do with children on Sunday.


A great way to have Scripture time with the kids! every time I read a key word like the Lord, cry, Psalms for example they can eat a teddy graham. teaching the students about how the Lord is always listening.


We should read our scriptures day and night, to learn the difference between wrong and right. Anyone who has tried this with children who are small, finds that no one is even listening at all. The ...

Missionary package based on Pres. Hinckleys talk 10 gifts every missionary should bring home. GREAT website for missionary gift ideas Missionary Care Packages, Missionary Gifts, Missionary Girlfriend, Sister Missionaries, Lds Church, Church Ideas, Jesus Christ, Cute Gifts, Packaging

10 Gifts Gained from a Mission, Package

I just sent my brother a package. My package theme was based on this New Era Article The Message: Gifts to Bring Home from the Mission Field by President Gordon B. Hinkley. I twisted it a little and called it the 10 Gifts You Gain From A Mission I found something for each of the 10 gifts, albeit some are a little stretched. I wrote the gift on the front side of the envelope a little explananation on the back of the envelope and the excerpt from the talk on the gift in the envelope. My…

FHE on being honest. The spiderweb might make this fun for an October FHE.

A Year of FHE

FHE scavenger hunt - The last note was found in the van where we all drove for a treat.- We are going to use this to turn a house cleaning day into a cleaning scavenger hunt to get ready for grandparent visit.

My Mix of Six

Our last week of FHE on prayer was centered around a treat the Stephen picked up in Denver on his way home. HOT Krispy Kreme’s…. well maybe not too hot. They were in these cool Power Ranger boxes, which made it even more exciting. I printed off a cut printable to add to our fridge collection on prayer. We discussed Enos and the verbs that are used in that chapter. We talked about how he prayed and how we should. We shared thoughts and ideas on prayer. I think I have sufficiently inundated…

put yourself in their shoes game - family home evening kit

How To Make A Family Home Evening Kit | Live Craft Eat

Follow this simple guide to start making your own family home evening kits and download this kit with printables on celebrating differences.

Blue Skies Ahead: Tithing Family Home Evening (The Parable of the Skittles). A lesson on tithing that kids can really understand.

Tithing Family Home Evening (The Parable of the Skittles)

We did a very simple family home evening last night to help our children understand WHAT tithing is, WHY we pay it, and HOW it blesses us....

 great for activity days or fhe

Awesome LDS goal board for boys. I'd change it a bit for girls by making a plaque for the temple. I'd also add Faith in God and Duty to God (boys), and Faith in God and YW Recognition (girls). Something for my future kids.

Crafty Girls Workshop...

I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world. ~Leigh Standley~