we could stay at home and watch the sunset

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the sun is setting over some trees and mountains in the distance, as seen from an overlook
the sun is setting over an open field
the sky is filled with clouds as the sun sets over a field full of wildflowers
there is a bottle that is sitting on the window sill next to the ocean
an airplane is flying high in the sky with clouds behind it and blue skies above
the sun is setting over an island with palm trees
the sun is setting behind a building with a clock on it's front and side
not earth
the sky is pink and blue as the sun sets in the distance behind some trees
somewhere in cali
a field with purple flowers and trees in the background at sunset or dawn, as well as a trail leading through it
the view from under a tree looking out to sea
the sky is pink and orange as the sun sets
the rear view mirror of a car is shown
multiple images of people walking on the beach at sunset or sunrise, and then taking pictures with their cell phone
the sun is setting over a lake with canoes on the shore and a dock in the foreground