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lord of the rings
Poster O Senhor dos Anéis - Gandalf


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an abstract painting of the moon in space
an abstract painting with stars and swirls in the background
an abstract painting with the words growing on my own pace
a painting of flowers and leaves with green leaves around the edges, on a white background
a painting of a woman reading a book in front of an array of rugs
Urban life
i can do this written in the middle of a field of flowers
some things only see with my eyes closed painting on canvas by person, who has written the words
frases, poesias e afins
“Certas coisas eu só vejo com meus olhos fechados”
oranges and grapefruits in a basket with the words i love you'm glad east
i love you, i'm glad i exist
an orange with a bee on it and the words joy is temporary, but so is sonrow
the oranges by wendy cope is featured in this book, which features an illustration of hands holding citrus fruit
The Orange
The Orange by Wendy Cope #poems #poetry #theorange #aesthetics #art #instagram #poemsonig #popular #archives #wendycope #poets
an image of many different paintings and designs on the same page, including oranges
Aesthetic wallpaper
a collage of images with trees, mountains and people in the woods on them
four different paintings of people sitting in chairs and reading books, one with a cat laying on the window sill