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big fish, little fish #1

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clothespin #crafts

Sebastian, the chameleon


clothespin #crafts

Sebastian, the chameleon


Love this - food chain foldable:)  Even better to open up a flap in the shark's stomach to see what he eats - then lift a flap up in them to see what they eat, etc.

Unit Resource Portfolio: Oceans

The oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface, contain 97% of the Earth's water, and 50-80% of all life on Earth is found underwater! T...

Food Chains ,Food Webs,Energy Pyramid in Ecosystems-Video for Kids - YouTube

Food Chains ,Food Webs,Energy Pyramid in Ecosystems-Video for Kids

visit for more free science videos.All living things need food to have energy which help them to grow and move.A food chain tell...

online animal research

Plants, Animals & the Earth |

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Food Chain Stacking Cups - make this for the nature center out of nice cups - mod podge photo images recycled from magazines

Not So Flannel Friday: Food Chain Stacking Cups - RovingFiddlehead KidLit

Love this idea for showing the food chain with stacking cups from Earth Mama via E is for Explore. Nice active visual for a basic concept of nature.

ocean habitat foldable

Oceans Freebies!

Lots of craziness and excitment this week! We started our end of the year Ocean Animals unit, and I have been having so much fun! Hopefully the kids have been, too (oh, and learning some things as well, haha!)! We started the week off by learning about the five oceans--I feel old since I was only taught about four main oceans, you know, way back when there were nine planets...Anyways, I found this song on Proteacher last year and fancied it up a bit for our song book...I do not know the…

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Mr. Shark Alphabet Chomper Game

Cool craft with kids


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A cute animated video for kids about habitats!


Learned your animals? Now, it is time to learn where they live! Watch the full video now!visit GOT A HABITAT AND IT’S MY HO...

Here's a nice idea for making a simple food chain mobile.


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