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the interior of a log cabin with woodworking on the ceiling and fireplace in the center
Discover the 51 Best Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas in 2024
a large living room with a stone fireplace and wooden ceiling beams in the middle of it
Tabletop Glass Fireplace, Unique Gift 2 Sizes: Warm up Your Patio & Heart With This Lantern, Add Some Light, and Even Roast S'mores, Too - Etsy
a large log home with a deck and swing set in the front yard at dusk
Logs Make the Difference: A Waterfront Retreat in Wisconsin
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Breathing life into the living room
the fireplace is clean and ready for us to put in their homeownership
Simply cover an existing fireplace with real thin stone. Natural weather Muskoka ledgerock veneer. We remove the ton from stone.
an empty living room with a brick fireplace and built - in shelving units on either side
Living room builtins, fireplace, chunky beamed mantle <3
a white house with a brick chimney on the front porch
Outdoor fireplace - white farmhouse - black windows - exposed rafters on porch (not sure what it's called)
a house with a covered patio in the back yard and an outdoor living area on the side
Outdoor covered patio with fireplace, great addition idea. Screen the upstairs patio & just add on the covered bottom area. Might be cheaper than a large upper deck.