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Paul Rand was a visionary graphic designer (I’d call him artist), widely known for his corporate logos, and for being one of the fathers of the Swiss Style. “Eye-Bee-M”, “NeXT”, Here a 1993 interview with Steve Jobs talking about Paul Rand.

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December 1963 — Sonny Liston as Esquire Magazine's first African American Santa Claus

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Esquire, June 1964 Cover art director: George Lois See a collection of vintage JFK magazine covers here.

george lois artwork - Google Search

George Lois 100 Years of Design celebrates the profound impact of American design from and beyond, marking the centennial of AIGA, the professional association of design.

george lois artwork

George Lois Esquire cover - Virni Lisi, about to debut in How to Murder Your Wife with Jack Lemmon, lathers up in this humorous cover pegged to an article on the masculinisation of women.

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