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a drawing of a man with a hat holding an apple in his right hand and looking at the camera
Pencil drawing of a traditional Gaucho.
Argentina gaucho Festivals, Salta, Mexico, Caballos, Venezuela, America, South American, Turismo
Argentina gaucho
two men in traditional mexican garb standing next to each other on a brick walkway
Gauchos, Formosa-Argentina from the north of Argentina
an old man sitting in the dark holding a cup
A vida é um presente dado àqueles que sabem aproveitá-la. [ gaucho drinking chimarrão in rio grande do sul ]
a man in a red cape is petting a brown horse on the green grass
Cara alegre em tempo feio
Gaúcho - Rosário do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil,
a young boy riding on the back of a brown horse
Prova de doma na FECARS - Festa Campeira do Rio Grande do Sul, em Gravataí. Veja mais em
an old poster with a man dressed as a mexican dancer in front of a yellow background
South America - Pan Am/Panagra
Lida campeira: paleteada Posters, Cowgirls, Uruguay, Alma, Sombrero
Lida campeira: paleteada
an article in the journal shows a man riding a horse with a stick on his back
Gaucho with boleadoras
Modern interpretation of a woman gaucho Fashion, Lady, Womens Fashion, Outfits, Casual, Fashion Handbags, Clothes, Dapper Style, Folk Dresses
Modern interpretation of a woman gaucho
#horse #gaucho #argentina #horseback #photo Polo, Horses, Perros, Costume, Cheval, Animais
#horse #gaucho #argentina #horseback #photo
a man in an orange shirt and black hat standing next to a herd of white cows
Gaucho rounding up cattle.
several people are riding horses down the street
San Pedro del Durazno en Febrero durante el Festival Gaucho