How to make all the colours of the rainbow!

Tutorial: Food Colour Mixing Chart

Use for reference in trying to create acid dye solutions.How to make all the colours of the rainbow! A color called "skin tone"? Unless it's a rainbow, I'm not sure that name works.


I enjoy this because it references the 2017 version of IT, my favourite movie at the moment and I also like the contrast on in the black bacground with the glowing letters.

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Fotos,Memes y Mileven "Stranger Things" - 50.

Page 2 Read from the story Fotos,Memes y Mileven "Stranger Things" by janetnocontrol (JanetXia❄) with reads. etc, finn, strangerthings.

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This is cute

(24x36) Rap Legends (Rapper Collage) Music Poster Print by HSE

Gummy-Bear-Popsicles- (what about making these for Adults with VODKA gummies!

STRANGER THINGS Hand-painted Canvas - Eleven

In a World Full of Tens - Be an ELEVEN Stranger Things themed Hand-Painted Canvas.