"Welcome to heaven" seems legit. i really want to explore this style of art really soon, my digital painting needs a serious boost.

"quiver ladies, quiver" hahaha Fab Ciraolo Chilean illustrator combines pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy in a mind-bending amalgamation

Fab Ciraolo: Ilustración

The Best Dresses Heroes - Thundercats, He-Man and She-Ra Art by Fabian Ciraolo

Jem (Jem y the Holograms), por Fabian Ciraolo (serie "Oldschool Heroes").

She-Ra, Princess of Power by Fabian Ciraolo from the Oldschool Heroes series

Hipster He-Man and Other High-Fashion Cartoon Heroes

Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo’s new work has historical rebels transformed into hipsters. Salvador Dalí is a Vampire Weekend fan.