Cuerda Seca Coasters - this site sells the glazes - lovely colors!

Fireclay Tile practices sustainable techniques, making every individual tile by hand

Stephanie Stouffer

Blue Tile Needlepoint Kit by Stephanie Stouffer

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Love these tiles, back splash?

Medium                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Medium Más

Especial Decorative Tile - Lluvia Azul Especial                              …

Especial Decorative Tile - Lluvia Turquesa

Polanco 3 - Mexican Talavera Handcrafted Tile (no orange accent)

4 unids/lote 5 " Cute fruta plato de arroz ensaladera platos de cerámica de cerámica fijó cerámica plato de sopa cena tazón vajilla de los niños 13 x 4.2 cm envío gratis

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Azulejos Colores                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Azulejos Colores Más

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Green Tile Kit by Stephanie Stouffer

Cuerda Seca

Cuerda seca: Cuerda seca (Spanish for "dry cord") is a technique used when applying coloured glazes to ceramic surfaces. When different coloured glazes are applied to a ceramic surface, the glazes have a tendency to run together during the firing process.

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Bandeja mdf base azulejo duplo | Atelier Marcela Freitas - Criações Personalizadas | Elo7

Bandeja lisa colorida , mdf dupla

Bandeja mdf base azulejo duplo | Atelier Marcela Freitas - Criações Personalizadas | Elo7

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Portuguese Azuleijo - I woud like this in my kitchen either with yellow or tangerine accents

Resultado de imagen para mayolicas diseños

Hand made-Hand painted by MexicanTiles Mais

Cuerda Seca, Fireclaytile

Cuerda Seca, Fireclaytile