Líneas y curvas y puntos

Illustrating the Elements. Beautiful line art, doodle art, pen art. Great kids art project/inspiration by Nikki Farquharson.

Líneas y curvas y puntos

Hand-Drawn Vector Illustration of Notebook Doodles on Graph Paper...

What do you know like the "back of your hand".... great way to teach the meaning of this expression through creation of something learners know like the "back of their hand" (their town, game of soccer, Disney World, a friend, etc....) ....Follow for lots of Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Know your town (like the back of your hand) by johnefrench, I like the simple black and white line drawing, and the quirky shape of the map makes it a strong but effective piece which has been ordinarily created