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a blue poster with the words 10 claves de la neurocencia para menorar el arrenia
Claves de la neurociencia para mejorar el aprendizaje
Mindfulness, Emotional Development, Counseling, Therapy, Mindfulness Activities, Emotions, Post
Manualidades para trabajar las emociones Educación Emocional
a poster with the words me pono en tu lugar written in spanish
Taller de las emociones III- Aprendo a ser empático
a book with the words 20 cuentos para 20 emocones on it
20 cuentos para trabajar 20 emociones
The World may be broken but hope is not crazy. John Green
The World may be broken but hope is not crazy. John Green
a wall decal that says today is your day to start fresh to eat right to train hard to live healthy to be proud
the words lapbooks are written in black on a white background with red and yellow paper
Presentación Ärea Didáctica
Presentación Ärea Didáctica
an open book with paper cut out of it on top of a white tablecloth
30 Ideas para el Día de la Lectura - Preescolar y Primaria
30 Ideas para el Día de la Lectura - Alumno On
there are many hands painted on the wall behind computers and keyboards in front of them
computer lab bulletin boards
Resultado de imagen para computer lab bulletin boards
a bulletin board with social media icons on it and a foot print in the middle
Digital footprint bulletin board - great for technology teachers.
a bulletin board with the word i am written on it and lots of post - it notes
I did this with my students with our poetry unit. They had to come up with one word that described themselves. They wrote the word and decorated it on these strips of bright paper. They LOVED it and it made a great bulletin board!!