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Más ideas para decorar con bloques de cemento

Adorable set up for outside the shed! This is such a great way for me to use the ridiculous amount of cinder blocks left behind from our previous owner! Cute on the porch with some herbs!

Ideas para Decorar un Jardín Vertical by artesydisenos.blogspot. com

There are huge number of projects, which you can complete with pallet woods to make home beautiful. In these pallet wood designs and furniture, the pallet shoe

Plantas en la cocina

5 ideas para renovar la cocina con poco dinero

The design can be obtained by the arrangement of pots making a perfect and Super Creative Vertical Garden Ideas when there isn't much space for garden.

Rock art

Hand-Painting Garden Rocks: Flowers and Fairies

Project: adorable rock cat for the garden! But Dog instead of Cat!


Due to its healing properties, lavender are grown since ancient times, when was used in the treatment of insomnia and digestive problems. Lavender can be…


Now is the perfect time to grow your plants. Whether you live in an apartment or have a small yard that doesn’t seem to be large enough for a garden, here is a great space saving solution for you: make vertical gardens!

40 ingeniosas ideas para organizar la cocina. | Mil Ideas de Decoración

How do you deal with your pot lids? Do you stack them in your cupboards, or lay them upside down in your under-oven pan drawer? Here's one solution we really like for those pesky pot lids.

Cesta DIY con cartón y cuerda - DIY Cardboard Box into Rope Basket

Cesta para guardar papel higiénico

Small space, picky landlord, limited budget — no problem! Creating a private, stylish and inviting outdoor space is easy with these fast and affordable designer tricks.

10 Formas Curiosas de Organizar Objetos - Taringa!

10 Formas Curiosas de Organizar Objetos

Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry . I would make this taller. If you're worried about heat, you could make it into a lid rack! I hate the fridge magnets though

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20 ideas para jardines verticales y colgantes! - Taringa!

20 ideas para jardines verticales y colgantes!

Creative DIY Vertical Garden For Your Home – You may make a garden and produce healthy plants even when you get a little space. Our vertical garden is going to be focused on herbs, but you might easily utilize it …