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fruit flash cards with different fruits and vegetables
Printable Fruit Flash Cards
the communication, language and literature chart
Resources to Support Inclusion More
the many benefits of messy play in children's learning and development areas, including
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the teaching document poster is shown in different colors
EYFS Pocket-Sized Development Matters: Birth to Reception
Pocket Sized EYFS Early Years Outcomes Tracking Document
the eyfs elg tracking grid is shown in two different colors and sizes
EYFS ELG Tracking Grid!
Use this handy tracking document featuring all of the ELG'S that are covered in the EYFS Profile, Early Years Outcomes and EYFS Development Matters to track individual children within each of the early learning goals. Sign up to Twinkl to download and discover thousands more teaching resources to save you time! #eyfs #earlyyears #tracking #foundation #assessment #teaching #teachingideas #teachingresources #twinkl #twinklresources #eyfsteacher #eyfsideas #eyfsclassroom #education