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#女の子 my room - ブミィのイラスト - pixiv
#女の子 my room - ブミィのイラスト - pixiv
an old factory with lots of rusty pipes and pipe work on it's sides
Bethlehem Steel Series Spiral Notebook by Marcia Lee Jones
This 6" x 8" spiral notebook features the artwork "Bethlehem Steel Series" by Marcia Lee Jones on the cover and includes 120 lined pages for your notes and greatest thoughts.
an abstract digital painting with black and white lines in the center, surrounded by smaller pieces of glass
3D Abstracts
3D Abstracts on Behance by Keith Kosmal
the interior of a building with many windows
The Great Hall by Raphael-Lacoste on DeviantArt
the sun shines brightly through an empty building's roof and walls in this time - lapse photo
Dramatic Views of Worldwide Architecture Captured by Gareth Pon (with a Hidden Twist) — Colossal
an image of a bird flying in the sky with clouds and sunbeams above it
╭ Details & Art ╮
a futuristic city with white buildings surrounded by snow
a futuristic city with tall buildings and water features
an image of a robot that is in the process of making something out of paper
Lost in Space s2 - The repair pod, Martin Bergquist
a city street filled with lots of traffic and people walking in the rain at night
Blue City, Miguel Angel Camacho