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Golf Tee Fine Motor Skills Activity
Often we’re quick to introduce pencils or scissors, but what if we tried some other things first? SAVE THIS IDEA💡 and tag a friend who could use it! Try this easy GOLF TEE FINE MOTOR ACTIVITY! ⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ All activities should be done under adult supervision. Golf tees can be a choking hazard. Only use them with children who are not putting things in their mouth.
Soothing Smoothing Glue Art
SAVE this super fun GLUE ART craft idea! @elmersproducts recently launched a great online inspiration hub; Elmers Creations. 🙌🏻 Make sure to check out all of the wonderful ideas you can do with your Elmer’s Glue on their website; visit my stories for more info! MATERIALS: 1. A canvas 2. Elmer’s White School Glue 3. Acrylic paint 4. A squeegee (A ruler can also work) 5. Painters tape INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Secure your canvas to a flat surface with painter’s tape 2. Use your Elmer’s White Glue bottle like a pen to draw a design onto the canvas 3. Let it dry for 30 minutes or leave it overnight 4. Once dry dot your canvas with acrylic paints. You can add as many colors and dots as you like 5. Use your squeegee and sweep the paint from the top to the bottom 6. Once dry (or straight after)
homemade herb slime made with natural and edible ingredients for kids to use in the kitchen
Homemade Herbal Slime
This homemade herbal slime is guilt free! No toxins, borax free, no glue! Just 3 ingredients (one of them is water) and it's 100% edible!
someone is peeling broccoli on a piece of blue paper with pink and white flowers
22+ Fun & Creative Painting Crafts For Young Kids - Crazy Laura
Looking for a new craft project to make with your young ones?! Check out these super fun paint craft tutorials and ideas for kids to make!