Munich, Germany

Planning to be “Up in the Air”

Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii - Honolulu, HI - Famous Beach in State Capital Blanketed by Resorts

Caracas, Venezuela Skyline

Bogota, Colombia was one of the more surprisingly upscale places I've been to. La Zona Rosa reminded of Downtown Manhattan.

Ave 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires,  Argentina

This is the widest street in the world. 9 de Julio Avenue (mean July Avenue - in honor of Argentina's independence day) in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)  is not only the largest Hindu Temple, but also one of the wonders of the word. Yet, unknown to many Hindus all around! An architectural marvel and a piece of world heritage. Indians know more about Taj Mahal and almost nothing about this temple at Angkor Wat. Religion apart, this beautiful temple and it's intricate architectural wonder that signifies a symbol

The largest temple in history and the inspiration to countless novels and action movies of Hollywood : Ankor Wat.

Merida, Venezuela

A stone Church built by Juan Felix Sanchez in San Rafael de Mucuchies - Venezuela

Recoleta cementery- Buenos Aires Argentina

Information, description pictures and history: Recoleta Neighborhood - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ave 9 de Julio, BA, Arg

We lived in Buenos Aires 1 years during a medical mission there. Obelisko, Avenida 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina Photographic Print by Peter Adams

Hanalei beach, Kawaii, Hawaii

Hanalei beach, Hanalei (just past Tahiti Nui) Kauai, Hawaii

Hamacas de Tintorero  Tintorero, Estado Lara Venezuela

Hamacas de Tintorero Tintorero, Estado Lara Venezuela