Baby Bites: The Coolest Baby's Sleeping-bags

Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade.perfect for traveling and naps. Good idea for a baby shower:-) and it so cute! *are you kidding me? I need one of these. That's what sleeping bags are for though huh?

Cosas que puedes hacer con latas recicladas

This DIY lazy-suzy organizer is a great idea. Though basic it as it may seem, it's cool that the containers is lifted above the lazy-suzy board giving you more space for the litlle given

Cozy Dozee provides comfort, helps correct neck alignment and helps reduce parents stress and distraction on the road.

Portatodo coche

Decole polka dot apple snail picnic car bag Japan 6 this might be neat to make for an airplane seat, if possible

Orca Sleeping Bag by Baby Bites A cool navy blue sleeping bag for babies. Baby bites sleeping bags are hand-made form very soft and high qu.