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a plant with pink and green leaves on it
A Guide To Growing Philodendron Pink Princess
a close up of a large green leaf with the words, autumn charmerum how to make it shine
▷ Anthurium Clarinervium - How to propagate it and make it thrive!
a potted plant in a wicker basket
Anthurium Clarinervium: A Guide to Care and Maintenance - Indoor Home Garden
How To Care For Anthurium Clarinervium - Indoor Home Garden
a potted plant with green and pink leaves
Pink splash Syngonium
Pink splash SyngoniumI just have this one for now so this is the exact plant you will receive. PLEASE PURCHASE AT LEAST 1 HEAT PACK WITH YOUR ORDER IF YOU LIVE IN A COLD CLIMATE. I will also insulate the box if you buy a heat pack because I will know that you live in a cold climate. I do not see your address before preparing my shipment so please make sure you order a heat pack if you need one.They do not like to dry out, but will die quickly if they do not have proper drainage.**Please note:**-
a potted plant with white dots on it and the words polka dot begonia care
Begonia Maculata Care - How To Grow Polka Dot Begonia - Smart Garden Guide
Begonia maculata care. Also known as polka dot begonia, begonia maculata wightii, spotted begonia or the trout begonia, this spectacular houseplant will turn heads with it's impressive foliage. Learn begonia care tips, including propagation, light, watering and soil needed to make this plant thrive.
a close up of a green leaf in a potted plant with dirt on the ground
Anthurium Crystallinum (Dark Form)
Anthurium crystallinum is an easy growing species with beautiful veins. The foliage opens up a metallic green with yellow/red tones and slowly darkens to deep green. We have the dark form for sale here, which gets exceptionally dark as it matures. Note that crystallinum can flower at a fairly compact size and most of the plants for sale are already at maturity and may be ready to produce seeds for your breeding projects. The plant will be shipped with roots wrapped in sphagnum moss.All photos
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
My new beauty 😍 Anthurium Crystallinum 💚