Ich liebe dich, Albrecht

Ich liebe dich, Albrecht

And with friends like you, who needs friends?
Ich liebe dich, Albrecht
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Muy al estilo de Dana Scully... ¿No?

Brilliant Luxury * Jimmy Choo SS Gorgeous color for fall

Este color me fascina.

Shop for Women's Kyra coat by Coast at ShopStyle.

Ezra with a blue camera.

Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw & Ezra Miller by David Sims for Prada Menswear Campaign FW 1



Ezra en blanco y negro.

daftorpunk: “ Everybody feels like an outcast because the world is so large and every fingerprint is so vastly different from one another, and yet we have these standards and beliefs, and dogmatic.

Ezra :D

Ezra at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Un clásico modernizado.

Ralph Lauren Pre Fall 2016 gorgeous taupe outfit- chocolate pearls would be perfect around the neck. Date: Note: This is the perfect monotone outfit, for a woman that feels like she still wants to look professional but not stand out.

Colores y Diseños

I have a serious outerwear fetish.


Probably not read for this yet but definitely wardrobe goal once I finish losing weight. Love the unique shoulder line.

So... Listen. We need to talk about Kevin.

We need to talk abot kevin