Paisley Blues

Either as quilting or embroidery. The skill in these are incredible. THe paisley butterfly is definitely something I could use on a box. Paisley line drawings

fun...I want to try this!

Could make a great gift, for someone who doesn't like to read. credit: Creative Book Folding Art From Isaac Salazar

#DIY Love is sweet - laundry

fun idea: love is patient, kind, etc. love is selfish, self-serving, etc. first time to find the correct ones and pin onto their clothes line wins!

Inspiration Board

Home office decorating ideas for a small apartment. All you need is a little bit of space to get a ton of work done. Shop the office decor you see as your read our small office decorating ideas. For more home office ideas go to Domino.

Love the inspiration wall.

An entry from note to self

Prospero Journal

I couldn't resist this book when I went to Anthropologie. Gorgeous magenta leather with gold foil embossing & a tassel.