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a black and gold book cover with the words you are under no obligation to be the same person today as you were yesterday
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Truth. Read again and Remember it! :)
a white piece of paper with black writing on it
Read Frank Ocean’s Powerful ‘Boyfriend’ Poem From His Boys Don’t Cry Zine
Read Frank Ocean’s Powerful ‘Boyfriend’ Poem From His Boys Don’t Cry Zine
a quote that reads, we met for a reason either you're a blessing or a lesson frank ocean
i've met both sides of this!
we're not friends, we're not enemies we're strangers with memories - frank ocean
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a quote from frank ocean on what you do, never run back to what broke you
We Heart It
Image about quote in Broken Heart💔 by Radke B!tc#
a quote from frank ocean that says don't confuse my personality with my attitude
Love Quotes
Love Quotes
an open book with a quote from frank ocean on the cover and inside it is white paper
✨ FUN FACT ✨The title for my book Thinking About You was inspired by a Frank Ocean song called “Thinkin’ Bout You.” It’s such a great song, and this is a great #quote from him. I might need to add it to a book one day...📚:sparkling
a sign in a window that says sometimes you need to step outside get some air and remind yourself be who you are and you want to be
Typography Images
Typography Images
the text reads, rock bottom become the solid foundation on which i rebuilt my life
I have always loved this quote because it shows optimism and perseverance
an old piece of paper with the words if you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place
Fall into place