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two pictures of a bus with shark teeth painted on it
¿Buscas inspiración? - Aquí lo mejor de la publicidad.
the back of a person sitting on a bus with their hand in his pocket,
Trompe-l'œil 2
some people are standing in front of a soda machine on the side of the beach
Buen ejemplo de street marketing de Sprite. ¿a usted qué le parece?
two pictures of people tied to the side of a boat, one with a face on it
Publicidad muy buena :D
a car driving through a tunnel with an advertisement on it's side that says, all you can eat rest stop
All you can eat
a car that has been hit by a cement mixer
20 anuncios colosales de guerrilla marketing | BELOW THE LINE, RETAIL | Revista InformaBTL