Chicken breast recipes

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a casserole dish with chicken, peppers and cheese
I make this dish and suddenly everyone in the house is in a total uproar!
a casserole dish with asparagus and bacon
So, my daughter-in-law served this awesome dish and I was like, 'I need this recipe, pronto!'
a casserole dish with cheese and bread croutons
This recipe is in my oven right now, and house is already smelling divine!
the chicken is cooked and ready to be eaten
How to Cook Cornish Game Hens: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
chicken with herbs and bread slices on a white tablecloth next to some green leaves
Spatchcocked Chicken on Bread with Herbs and Lemon
Spatchcocking a chicken means scissoring it down the back (we leave the meaty backbone attached) and then flattening it. Smear it with butter, season with chunky sea salt, and place it on a platform of bread to absorb the juices for the fastest, easiest no-waste roasted chicken ever. While it's still hot, scatter fresh herbs over it and squeeze on some lemon juice for a fresh sauce that basically makes itself.
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a close up of a chicken in a dish with potatoes and herbs on the side
Cider Maple Oven Roasted Cornish Hen recipe
some fried chicken sticks are on a plate with dipping sauce in the bowl next to it
Baked Chicken Tenders (No Breading) - Cooked by Julie
baked chicken tenders on a plate with parsley in the background and text overlay that reads easy baked chicken tenders
How Long To Bake Chicken Tenders At 375 (Recipe)
grilled chicken tenders on a plate with text overlay
{Oven-Baked} Ranch Chicken Tenders