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a bbq grill sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a green field
I was so tired of the barbecue grill taking up so much space on the deck. This was my genius husband's solution. The Deck Saver Grill Support.
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43K views · 5.9K reactions | Discover Mirrored Decorative Screens with @thetwitchetts 🖤 The perfect accessory to add to your garden this season! Easy installation, zero maintenance and the ultimate addition to your space✨ In 6 colours, plenty of sizes and an array of designs, personalise your space with Charles & Ivy with up to 35% off in our Spring Sale🌱 #garden #compositefencing #fencing #springgardens #fencepanels #gardening #2024 #greenery #diy #installation #gardenmakeover #exteriordesign #patio #outdoorliving #gardengoals #gardeninspo | Charles & Ivy | Mindscape · Excursion
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702K views · 21K reactions | DIY tiki that also keeps the bugs away! Beginner level DIY- this takes about 5 minutes to assemble and is budget friendly. Grab a planter any will do, I used an elevated one so that this sat up a little higher. Next fill the bottom with rock and sand. Grab some tiki canisters from @walmart they are only $4 and fill with a tiki fuel my doubles as bug repellent and is a clean fuel. Fill in around the tiki canister with heavier rock(I used river rock) and top with terrarium kits. This makes a fun addition to your outdoor space! Share with a friend and follow for more easy home DIYs. #home #diy #tikitorch #diyfirepit #outdoorspaces #outdoorspace #outdoordecor #warmweatherplease #deckdesign #realtor #sellingthesuburbs #napervillemoms #plainfieldil #sunsets #easydiy #ltkhome #homedecor #budgetdecor #outdoorsetup #bhghome #realtoring #homeprojects #realtorsofig | Amanda Albrecht Illinois Realtor + Content Creator | sellingthesuburbs · Original audio
an outdoor table with blue and white plates on it, next to a lamp that reads easy diy idea
1M views · 56K reactions | Outdoor lamp hack 😍🙌🏻 Comment “LAMP” to be sent the solar lights and some lamp options for this 💕 So easy to do where you can turn any lamp into a cute and cozy outdoor one….that doesn’t need electricity or need to be plugged in to recharge 🤗 These solar lights worked perfectly set in where the lightbulb would go and gives off great ambient lighting 🥰 #outdoorliving #homeideas #homehacks | Tara Panasiuk | the_magnolia_mercantile · Original audio
a backyard with artificial grass and an awning
269K views · 18K reactions | 🍫🍫 Easter Garden Clean Is anyone else’s garden full of algae and moss after all the damp conditions over recents weeks because same! Our project Easter garden clean up began today and will continue over Easter weather permitting!! Time to get Summer Garden ‘24 ready until then here’s a throw back to mid summer solstice last year We hope to add new planting this year and a few changes for the pergola too Contains prev pr products ———— Features Bar Set - @supremoleisure part of the Mirfield outdoor furniture range [pr] Pendant bar lights - @therangeuk [pr] Garden chiminea @vesta_stoves_uk [pr] Evora Chaise - [pr] Knitted Pouffe - @homescapesuk [prev pr] pergola | garden renovation | newbuild garden | outdoor stove | patio styling | garden transformation | my garden | my home #pergola #pergolas #gardenbar #gardenfurniture #pérgolas #gardendesign #gardeninspiration #outdoorliving #seasonalgarden #countrymodern #gardendesign #gardenpatio #countryhome #viralreels #gardenfurniture #gardeninspo #summergarden #gardenlighting #gardenpatio #nightgarden #saturdaynighthomeloverstour #snhltourmarch23 | Rebecca Riley | Interior & Garden | jun_yuh · Original audio
a woman standing in front of a glass door
37K views · 1.6K reactions | Such pretty fire bowls.. made even prettier with reflective glass rock✨ Love the shape and size of these bowls…perfect for an outdoor table. Beautiful evening ambiance! Comment shop for links sent your way. Or click link in bio to head to my Amazon storefronts. #amazonfinds #amazonhome #outdoorliving #firebowl #summerentertaining #patiodecor #ltkhome | Donna Delaine Dyck / Home decor & design | Rodell Duff · Good Days
two large planters filled with pink flowers sitting on top of a patio
102K views · 587 reactions | ❤️Help me decide! Tall or short?I love these gorgeous flowering bougainvillea plants so much! But can’t decide where to use them….In these short planters as a space divider? They really look great used in this way because you can see easily over the top without blocking the view!But they also look really great in these tall planters peaking out behind the couch! They really draw your eye up and across the patio to define the space!Where would you put them? Tall or short planter option?#amazonhome #amazonfinds #homehacks #outdoorliving #outdoorliving | The Design Twins | The Design Twins · Original audio
two fire pits sitting on top of a wooden deck
17K views · 1.1K reactions | I made these DIY fire bowls last year and they were great for summer evenings out on the patio! Not only did they help keep the bugs away, but they’re pretty to look at as well! Comment ⭐️ FIRE ⭐️ for the links to what I used! #diyhome #diyhomeprojects #outdoorinspo #curbappeal #outdoorinspiration #backyarddesign #outdoorspace #paverpatio #homeinspo #howihome #patiodesign #patiodecor #ltkhome #walmartfinds #walmartdeals #walmart #homehacks #diyhacks #gardenproject | Stacy Smith | mad.hvd · Original audio
an outdoor patio with wooden floors and white shutters, surrounded by trees in the foreground
8.4K views · 582 reactions | Our sliding doors We originally wanted to get a garden room but the prices were crazy and this isn’t our forever house so we didn’t want to pay the prices. So we decided to design something ourselves. We came up with an idea and wanted to get our carpenter friend to build it for us. We knew we wanted slatted sliding doors to match our pergola but couldn’t find anything. For our carpenter to make each slatted door would have taken a lot of time and money. I then had a light bulb moment, would garden trellis work for the slats? because this was the time consuming part. I chatted to our carpenter and it turns out it was a great idea. He built the sliding doors and also found a mechanism (which wasn’t cheap). We then found some slatted trellis on @wickes that worked perfectly. It definitely saved us a lot of money🙌🏾 Have a lovely start to your week 🤎 . . . #gardendesign #gardeninspiration #gardengoals #gardenrooms #gardenroomdesign #gardenroomideas Have you ever had a light bulb moment that has worked out | Isatu Chadborn - interiors and slow living | Sugartapes · Romantic
an outdoor living area with a wood stove
77K views · 3.9K reactions | •FIREPLACE 🔥• Onze prachtige tuinhaard van @rb73.outdoorfires is gemaakt van 3mm corten staal. Het is een gesloten tuinhaard waardoor je geen last hebt van rook of vuurspetters. Weet je wat zo leuk is van dit model de Quaruba? Hij heeft wieltjes en is verplaatsbaar. Zo kunnen we hem op meerdere plekken in de tuin zetten. Dit weekend gaan we hem dan ook lekker gebruiken 🔥 | Michèle van der Horst | INDUSTRIEELCHIQUE | chappymilkshake · an angel will be with you shortly (original post)
an outdoor living room with wicker furniture and lights on the brick wall behind it
6.5K views · 2.8K reactions | Celebrating Spring evenings in the garden! Looking forward to many more like this! 🪴 Details~ Garden sofa and fire bowl @joalexanderhomeandgarden Cushions @sewnlondon_ *previously declared PR last year Bistro lights @lights4fun #spring #alfresco #gardenspaces #gardenfurniture #gardeninspiration #gardeninspo #countryliving #countryhomesandinteriors #summervibes #patiodecor #mygardentoday #mygardenthismonth #gardenspace | Laura Sunderland | Charles Aznavour · Hier encore (Instrumental)
a large potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a black lantern
22K views · 8.1K reactions | PLANTER HACK! 🪴 Comment FLOWERS and I’ll send you the faux plants + pot I used here! Don’t get me wrong I love some real flowers and plants but the ones by my front door sometimes get forgotten about so made this planter of fake ones! The pool noodles help to keep each stem in place. I put two to three stems in each hole. I also tired to get all green ones but there’s sadly weren’t enough. You can switch up your planter but I typically like to do something taller in the center, some greenery around the edges and something the hangs over the edges! #fauxplants #planthacks #momhack #homehacks #backyardhack summertimes, planters, flowers | Tnstyled | Shaboozey · A Bar Song (Tipsy)
a fire pit in the middle of a backyard
769K views · 20K reactions | Solar lights are back in stock at @asda and they are great so get in there quick if you want to grab yourself some before they sell out again! I’ll post the link for the garden solar lights on stories and save it to a garden highlight 🌟 I’ll also post the copper festoon hangers ‘how to’. They are still looking fab 3years later, we haven’t been struck by lighting, the copper hasn’t been nicked and I LOVE the patina 😍 #gardendesign #gardeninspo #festoonlights | Frances Simmons - DIY & Interiors | Teddy Swims · Lose Control (Sped Up)
a woman is holding an ice bucket on the patio with her feet in the air
963K views · 15K reactions | Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how I turned my planter into a fire bowl. This only takes 5 to 10 minutes and is a DIY anyone can do.Using the viral $30 planter and filling it with a bucket. Adding dirt and then a smaller fluted planter on top.Fill the smaller planter with lava rock, which is a non-flammable base. Use a tabletop fire kit and deconstruct. It will come with a stainless bowl where you can place your fuel source and a glass hurricane.Hold both of those items in place with fire Glass. It wouldn’t be a planter without plants so adding some easy to take care of flowers full disclosure I don’t have a green thumb and these may not make it through the season but we’re gonna try.Fuel source, I prefer rubbing alcohol as it doesn’t leave marks on the glass you can also use Tiki fuel to keep the bugs away.Linking all items in my bio, under my home or in stories, tag me if you give us go I would love to see how yours turns out ...#home #diy #tutorial #firepit #firebowl #outdoordecor #patioseason #viralplanter #walmartfinds #sellingthesuburbs #allthingshome #howto #easydiy #momsofinsta #realtorlife #planters #homeandgarden #homehacks #tabletopfirepit #firefeature #ltkhome #walmartfinds | Amanda Albrecht | Amanda Albrecht · Original audio