Rain Sparkling Water

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a blue and purple pattern with squares on it
Robert Kaufman Fabrics: Quality Wholesale Fabrics for Quilting, Fashion and Manufacturing Since 1942
the reflection of a swimming pool in a mosaic tile wall
David Hockney – Photography will never equal painting!
David Hockney – Photography will never equal painting! – Photography and Music
multiple images of people swimming in a pool with blue tiles on the wall behind them
zero focus
❤️David Hockney
an artist's rendering of a swimming pool with lounge chairs
5 Facts About David Hockney | Rise Art
a painting of a boat in the water
Lianhe Zaobao
Rowing ashore por Aaron Gan
colorful raindrops are reflected in the water
~ It's a Colorful Life ~: Photo
~ Colorful ~
a blue and white striped background with an image of a boat floating in the water
WAKE - via Phil Jones. This perfectly combines my love for all things stripe and all things boat. The blue sends me overboard.
an abstract painting with blue paint on it
David Hockney’s new exhibition at Salt’s Mill
David Hockney, Rain
raindrops on the surface of a body of water
April showers