Roman Centurion

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Kitchen Ideas: bread bins and dry vegetable storage. Love this idea. Kitchen Ideas: bread bins and dry vegetable storage. Love this idea.

Smart Kitchen Solutions: Neat Drawer Storage for Onions, Potatoes, Even Bread

We’ve talked before about the best way to store potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables. If you’ve got the space and wherewithal, it doesn’t get much better than these storage drawers. Deep baskets keep onions and potatoes separate – and neat! (No floating onion skins cluttering the cabinets.) There’s even a bread box. Don’t mind if we do!

Details of a Crossbow Trigger Mechanism

How to Trigger a Siege Engine

Explanation of catapult physics and the different types of catapults.

Trebuchet Physics

Explanation of trebuchet physics and how to achieve optimal design when building one.

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Sito dedicato alla vita, ai fasti, alle vittorie e sconfitte dell'Impero Romano.

Build a Trebuchet Meter Scale) Step 7 Version

How to Build a Trebuchet (1 Meter Scale)

A trebuchet is a device used in the Middle Ages to launch very heavy objects at opponents during battle. Trebuchets work by using a counterweight system turning the falling energy of the back end into a high speed launch of a heavy...

Roman Seige Ballista Catapulta

Greece & Rome: Make a Roman wax tablet with this crafty tutorial for kids! Teaching Latin, Teaching History, Teaching Art, Teaching Ideas, Craft Kits For Kids, Craft Activities For Kids, Projects For Kids, Project Ideas, Craft Projects

Make a Roman Wax Tablet:: Time Traveller Kids

Make your own Roman writing tablet with this craft activity for kids.

Cross bows were also often used, with large sturdy arrows. They also have very good accuracy.

Roman Seige Ballista Catapulta

Roman Seige Ballista Catapulta

Roman Seige Ballista Catapulta

A pugio - short dagger for stabbing in close quarters combat (reproduction)

3 Knives That Changed The World

An article about why history has so often teetered on a knife edge.

French Roman reenactment event: Autun

Roman History Made Easy: Stand off warfare - Roman style

Stand off warfare - Roman style

A loaded three-span Scorpion The one thing that made the Roman Army stand out from its 1st-century BC peers was artillery. Here was the first massed use of torsion weapons so advanced that their range and accuracy would not be matched by blackpowder cannons until the 18th-century, and with firing rates American Civil War Generals could have only dreamt of. Think about it, in 52BC Julius Caesar's ten legions mustered 100 ballistae, each capable of delivering a 15lb stone or lead projectile…