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an illustration of a demon standing in the water with flames coming out of his body
Burning Giant
Hanzo’s Midjourney Showcase (AI)
an octopus attacking a boat in the ocean with people on it's back end
The Assault of the Kraken
an alien creature is in the middle of a storm
Wrath Upon Ourselves, Nino Is.
a painting of two people riding on the back of a giant green dragon with large wings
Daniel Zrom
two planes flying in the sky above some clouds and one plane has its wings spread out
an image of a sci - fi character surrounded by spaceships and stars in the sky
Anti Matter God
Strongest version
a man standing on top of a hill under a sky filled with stars and clouds
I̵̫͇͊̽́à͑̚ N͑͐̽y̚͝a͐̽͝r̝̫͇l̡͍͖a̡̻͙t̐͒͝h͐́̓ó̈́t̕̚͠e̿̓̈́p̿͑̚ , album-aurum
ArtStation - I̵̫͇͊̽́à͑̚ N͑͐̽y̚͝a͐̽͝r̝̫͇l̡͍͖a̡̻͙t̐͒͝h͐́̓ó̈́t̕̚͠e̿̓̈́p̿͑̚ , album-aurum
an image of a strange creature in space with the caption that reads, stencel tomas stenci a distant black hole
an octopus is in the center of a black hole
an image of a giant monster with glowing eyes
Call of Cthulhu, Joseph Diaz
ArtStation - Call of Cthulhu, Joseph Diaz