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an old drawing of a hand holding something in it's left hand, with the thumb pointing up
Anita Leocadia
MANOS QUE COMPONEN /Alberto Dürero Más
two drawings of feet and hands with one hand holding the other's leg up
study by StefanoLanza on DeviantArt
Date una idea de como puedes dibujar un pie. Más
a drawing of a person's legs with the words quick leg chart on it
a black and white drawing of a woman
Aaron Coberly
Aaron Coberly Look at that central line...
a pencil drawing of a woman standing with her hands on her hips
Aaron Coberly
a black and white drawing of a woman with a handbag in her other hand
Aaron Coberly.
the lines are drawn in different directions to make it look like they are floating on water
花瓣网-我的首页 微博-随时随地发现新鲜事
Mi microblogging casa - encontrar algo nuevo en cualquier momento
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground with her hands behind her back and legs crossed
#figure drawing