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a piece of art that is on the side of a tree trunk with flowers painted on it
Flores en el poste.
an artistic mosaic design with blue and yellow colors
CB0632G Viesta Waves | New Ravenna
a mosaic tile table runner with flowers and leaves painted on it's sides, along with other decorative items
a sign that is on the side of a building with flowers painted all over it
Guarda de flores y mariposas en la pared.
a painting of a gondola on a canal with buildings and flowers in the window boxes
A Sempre Bela
a painting of a canal with buildings and boats in the water at night time,
Adeleke Norman on X
a mosaic with a man's face on it
No sooner made than sold - unsurprisingly! Chaplin by Janice #mosaicart #hackneydowns #hackney #mosaic #charliechaplin
a man on a ladder painting the side of a building with an awning over it
Для входов в офисы, магазины, аптеки, жилые дома и т.д. Звоните! Телефон подрядчика в Москве и области 8 (495) 784-43-78, подробнее о компании Метал Мэйд #Metalmade
an iron balcony railing with blue shutters and flowers on it
Barcelona - Balmes 074 d
Barcelona - Balmes 074 d | Flickr - Photo Sharing!