Esta es una muy buena idea para tener las plantas siempre húmedas y puedan…

Plastic Bottle Herb Planter: a modular, self-watering garden is green in all senses of the word. Cut up a few bottles for your kitchen windowsill, and make this fantastic, self-watering herb planter!


I'm trying this at the moment, indoors with some ginger. Having more success with sweet potatoes using the same method as for avocado stones. I now have shoots!

Un jardín vertical de hierbas aromáticas

Un jardín vertical de hierbas aromáticas

15 Indoor Garden Ideas for Wannabe Gardeners in Small Spaces. Just because you have a tiny apartment or no yard, doesnt mean you cant get into gardening. Check out these ideas for inspiration and tips

cómo regar las plantas en vacaciones

Cómo regar las plantas si te vas de vacaciones

Jardín vertical DIY / Via

Jardín vertical DIY

Make your background look sleek with this DIY modern vegetable garden tutorial. (Against fence, brick wall, or in front of lanai)

Decorar macetas para el jardin (:

May try with coffee can, i have a ton of those. beautiful DIY idea , an old paint can to pebble planter.This would make a great house warming gift as well.

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