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an abstract black and white photo with dots on the square shape, as if it was made out of paper
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a piece of paper with words written on it
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I have a great love of typography/words as art. It's something I'd like to revisit soon.
an abstract black and white photo with dots in the shape of a circle on a white background
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Carl Fernbah-Flarsheim, in La escritura en libertad. Antología de poesía experimental a cargo de Fernando Millán y Jesús García Sánchez, Alianza Editorial, Madrid, 1975, p. 127
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the painted barn vintage market logo on a white background with black and silver lettering,
Logo & Brand Design for Wedding Professionals, Bespoke Logo & Brand Design for Wedding Pro's
a piece of paper that is on top of a wooden table with water drops coming out of it
Erosion and Typography Design
Steve McCaffery, panel from Carnival (1967-75) - As vanguardas no século XX, serviram de base para muitos trabalhos de designers gráficos, espalhados pelo mundo. Esta abordagem que rompe com uma grelha pré definida já tinha sido explorada nos anos 10, pelos futuristas. A composição tipográfica cria a forma, o caos e a estrutura que o designers pretende dar ao seu trabalho.
an advertisement for carl andre's poem, from the museum of modern art
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but does it float