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the words are written in black on a pink background
the words are written in black and white on a pink background, with an image of a
a lion with its mouth open and the caption that says, yo, tratando
Feliz fin de semana 💪😎
Funny Phrases, Libros, Feliz
memes que me e robado :v
a pink background with two emoticions on it and the caption'un mes en casa enerrados con mi fami, hay mas posibilidades
an image of a man with a beard in spanish
the text is written in spanish and english
a cat sitting on top of a white tray with food in it's paws
Taringa! - Inteligencia Colectiva en Taringa!
a close up of a cat with the caption in russian above it's eyes
animales que curarán tu depresión.
a brown and white cow standing on top of a beach
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a comic strip with an image of a man in bed and the caption that reads,
Memes Graciosos para Compartir
an image of a woman holding a child in her arms with the caption'mi bebe solo esta jugendo '
Reacciones Medievales
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